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Get to good work. exploring your tensions makes the creative growth.

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a resource + inspiration hub with narratives, visual goodies and internet finds,

for experimenting creative process and creative pivots — making the good work.

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Busy and overwhelm is a silent epidemic

Cut the fat, get rid of the old programming, break a rule, decrease the options -
get what's important in front of you

Part of my Life's work is breaking this down


A mini series exploring our tensions


Take a break lately?

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Artist + Marketer + Photographer + Communicator + project pusher

Exploring our tensions and experimenting with how we can let go of old narratives to create better versions of ourselves.

In other words, get out of your own way, break apart the busy and overwhelm.

Avocado lover and cat mama currently based in Cali.

working with creators and businesses on their visual marketing, systems flow, production logistics and being human with each other;

How I can help  

• Content making + planning [photo / video / structure social experience]
• Communication, Client Relationship / partnership building for businesses (ecommerce, lifestyle, service)
• Digital project management, Asset management