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get smarter with visual,

get your mind right.

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    a resource + inspiration hub with narratives, visual moods, internet finds and minimal essentials for anyone pursuing a sustainable and somewhat sane creative career

What's your story?
What's your next story?
Why haven't you shared it yet?

those are important questions to ask.

1. Get Smarter with visual [small tweaks, big changes]
2. Get your mind right

E x p a n d i n g on these two points in the upcoming weeks.


Also sharing some of my fails, things I've learned about money making, sharing some cassette tape art and a 3 minute film on love <3


Free for February

"Airplane Mode" smartphone wallpaper. Set of 3. Disconnect sometimes



Visual Artist + Marketer + Photographer

cassette tapes, carrot cake & cat lover

working with creators and businesses on their visual communication strategy;

Building messages / stories that help us understand each other (and ourselves) better

How can I can help?  

• Content Creation [photo / video / structuring customer experience]
• Strategy, Creative planning, Relationship / partnership building for businesses (ecommerce, lifestyle, service)
• Digital/social communications, Creative project management