The TOP 4 things people confuse kindness for

Along with my Spring cleaning is: Clarifying. Clarification is a necessary part in clearing out the clutter, the noise, your assumptions, etc.

Naturally, I'm a genuinely nice person, I can be outgoing, I'm not afraid to say hi, i laugh all the time (ask anyone who really knows me). sometimes Our actions, our vibes get lost in translation. Here's the top 4 THINGS PEOPLE CONFUSE MY KINDNESS FOR that I've encountered & want to clear the smoke on:

Kindness translated as suckerism

I tend to be flexible and flowing BUT that doesn't mean I'm blindly bending over backwards for everything and anything. tip: be Aware enough to not be easily manipulated or deceived.

Kindness taken as flirting

Attraction exists, no denying that. but please note: Friendly doesn't automatically mean flirting. There are no games. if I'm attracted to you in that way, I'll let you know using a much more definite sign than kindness. Because, you should be kind to everyone - doesn't mean we are all flirting with each other does it? Respect the friend zone/work zone. man, especially When it's work... it's work. don't cross that line.

Kindness as fakeness

lots o fakeness. in the industry, in LA, in the interwebs (eek) Geez, what turned you out? I've also had instances where females come with that overt display of bestie vibes, getting your phone number from other ppl to keep close tabs on you for ulterior motives. Crazy world Lol

So I'm not saying kindness as fakeness doesn't exist... sadly it does. But again, being genuine and transparent is everything for your soul. i truly believe the energy you put out is what you get back. & I value my time far too much to be "nice" as a way to be conniving. I have much more important things to put my energy towards.

However, Being polite to people you aren't fond of, i think, is still important. we're all human and more importantly. we're all grown ups (I HOPE!). and while you don't necessarily have to give them reason to spread hate, you know? it actually makes you look really ugly. Keep it cool.

Kindness = tit for tat

Everything I do for you isn't a automatic favor counter. I'm not afraid to give. I've learned working in a service oriented career, that at times it's perfectly OK to go the extra mile. The task itself is rewarding more so than the money (but don't let ppl take advantage of you with that either).

When you see people walk around so dissatisfied like the world owes them something - that mentality is all backwards. Do more things out of your heart. cheesy as it sounds, do it.

cheese sounds really good right now.