#AShortcalledSPLIT A short film


Written. produced. creatively directed by, yours truly

cast & crew - did it. each one of them made it happen, really.


The characters you meet (June, Ray & Christy) they sort of represent our ideals, our attitudes, our expectations towards what we hope love to be.

This is a story of June and Ray and the highs and lows of their love. At the end of the film, you decide if it’s over or if they’re still together.

I’m a huge romantic and when it comes to emotions I tend to feel everything heavy. I guess you call that being sensitive? I used to see it as a weakness but I embrace it now with still the occasional struggle. I come from a background and love of photography, film theory and media studies so there’s a lot of symbolism from colors, motifs to specific stylistic choices that tell the story rather than the dialogue revealing it. I’m all about dropping slight details for your mind to work and make connections. Love is such a subjective experience and so is this short film.

Purely a passion project and an expression piece that hopefully resonates to each of us because at some point in our lives, we were all crazy in love about something, right? I hope so.