How Herschel Supply Co. hooks it up

UPDATE: As of  March 2018

A not so long story short, if you have any defective, worn out herschel bags, reach out to them to see about getting a free replacement. continue reading to see step by step on how I did it.

UPDATE: As of  JUNE 2017 I've had no buckle issue with the new bag Herschel gave me but some of the stitching has come apart.

I also no longer use Herschel bags. You know what's really sturdy? Made for laptops and camera gear and I use it all the time for travel - LANGLY BAGS


Original post from August 2015:

If you have one of the older Herschel messenger bags, then you know about these buckles that get worn out from the daily grind of carrying your laptop, planners, papers, whatever. My buckle was on the verge [see photo]

So I took it to Twitter to talk to Herschel about this and here is what happened break by break:

We started an email thread where they had me send over photos of the damage to see about warranty coverage.

After I sent them clearer shots of the damage on both buckles as well as a shot of the overall bag - they said:

so I emailed this photo right over:

Then they sent me a discount code for a credit of $99.99 (which is essentially the retail value of these bags) that I could apply purchasing through their site. They also covered the standard shipping cost ($9.95) once I sent over the ORDER#

Got the Clark Messenger – Charcoal Crosshatch as free replacement.