Free photo print for cassette lovers and passion project doers & a word on forces for your goals


Free Print

For the analog lovers, passion project doers,

Purple is such a soothing color. A photo here as a visual reminder to keep going, restart, pivot if you must.

For someone in the middle of a creative project or two,

A small creative act everyday is a practice

Tied to calm and clarity.

For someone exploring tensions and forces.

There will always be forces working against you or with you,

helping or hurting the execution of the goals.

Forces thought of as constraints, barriers, variables, good pacing, good people along for the ride,

Ranking the forces in your living projects from negative to positive so that you can concentrate on forces that accelerate / improve our work

While deflecting things that slow down, stop or spin the work out of control.

[this also requires concentration and attention, do not dismiss or minimize, get honest]

Hope these next few months, you make it a priority of pouring energy into the activities that are the most meaningful to you.

Essentialism is clear, it's not easy.

A friend sent this image of the summer crescent to me last night and it was so on time.

thank you.

Summer Crescent