Podcast chat with EMIL STYLES

dopeshit podcast

Few weeks back. I got to link up with one of the coolest, major moves in silence maker, super creative and friend, Emiliano Styles for his podcast series, SupercalifragilisticexpialiDOPESHIT.

A BIG THANK YOU & shout out to EMIL 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 who was easy to bounce back and forth with through out this entire chat. His little tidbits are knowledge bombs.

We had an extremely long, fun and open conversation.

Two mics, two lap tops, lots of scotch and a gorgeous penthouse level view of DTLA and this is what happened:


or You can listen on Apple Itunes here

I broke down the time markers here:

[1:00] – ICE BREAKER / RAPID FIRE SEGMENT (some of these choices were HARD)

[13:40 – 20:00] – Life and famary talk

[20:00 - 37:00] – Being sensitive + loving and learning photography, film, media

[37:00] – What I do for work and being a content creator

[47:00] – Thoughts on love, my short film: SPLIT, my work in progress: LOVE IS PURPLE

[57:00] – Using yourself as the canvas to convey ideas

[1:00:00] – My neurosis and oh so personal project, RESET (coming next week)

[1:14:10] – Social media love and creepers*you can also hear us pouring our dranks lol yee!

[1:25:20] – Getting deep about Life after many drinks in


-       I had a pretty little hangover the next day

-       Emil's talked to some pretty dope folks doing some really DOPE things, go thru em here

-       We talked for 3 HOURS YO, so yes, there is a part two coming soon