#tbt Visual Compilation. Read like you give a fu*k (because you should)

Feed your mind the GOOD STUFF.

My my heart has a deep affinity for books of all sorts. Everything from art, philosophy, design, creative, thought provoking, humor, music, self improvement, culture, business, psychology...PRINTS and HARDCOVERS in particular.

As Media and our social feeds still have the tendency to . Don't dumb it down. Don't just swallow everything you're force fed. Get out there, dig around, find a good book, smell the pages, scribble notes in the margin, get your highlighter game on.

For a nice throwback today, here's a visual compilation of reads that are pleasantly invading my space.


If anyone has any book recommendations for me, I’d LOVE to hear. Please comment or shoot me an email.
If you want any info on any books shown here, don’t hesitate to ask!
— Bo