Support your body and mind & mini damage control

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Truth is, no one day is the same. And almost all the scenarios Life loves to give you is essentially filled with some kind of stress.

Stress: a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium

To me, there is no perfect state of "balance" for us to be in. Perhaps brief moments of stillness found in rest and meditation. But let's be honest here - majority of us neglect those two and for the most part, we are in a never ending ebb and flow. Constant stimulus pushing, pulling us. Just think about how often your mood, your energy, your thoughts change by the hour.

And sometimes... you need just a little extra damn support.

  • Your GUT really is your second brain
  • For anyone who travels a lot or just gets sick a lot: echinacea, baby
  • Not in photograph but if you're not pooing at least once a day,

    Or at the very least, take a multivitamin pls.