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A summer practice: expand and attract


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For the analog lovers, passion project lovers,

For someone in the middle of a creative project or two

For someone exploring tensions and forces

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    a resource + inspiration hub with narratives, visuals and essentials for a somewhat sane creative process

make your fruits of labor sweet

What's your story?
What's your next story?
Why haven't you shared it yet?

those are important questions to ask.

1. Get Smarter with visual
2. Get your mind right

E x p a n d i n g on these two points in the upcoming weeks.


Also sharing the fails, money making, good finds, cassette tape art and a 3 minute film on love - projects /// blog



Visual Artist + Marketer + Photographer

Avocado lover and a proud cat mom

currently based in California. Visuals are my forte and exploring how we can get out of our own ways to better design higher versions of ourselves.

working with creators and businesses on their visual communication strategy and production logistics;

How I can help  

• Content Creation [photo / video / structuring customer experience]
• Strategy, Creative planning, Relationship / partnership building for businesses (ecommerce, lifestyle, service)
• Digital/social communications, Creative project management