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Walked many, many city blocks inspiration I always find it in NY mainly bc of the people and probably with all the change I’ve endured there.

Starting off in the streets up and down in NEW YORK


I am always amazed how we use words (even when the English language isn’t enough) to communicate our complexities and truths.

Joel does a good job of that.

A father, poet, a great human (if u know him, you know), an author who <psst.> has his 2nd book out.


What inspires me?

change inspires. thought and art and love and love making and my daughter and simple oxygen and walking through a park of green or swimming in dreamy things or praying for someone or you and me and us a and communion and bodies and Blackness not void of light.

What’s your attitude and approach to creativity?

I try to be as open ad as fluid to the process; I feel like God speaks to us through creativity. I believe everyone is creative, in their own right: the bus driver who takes a different route each morning; the school teacher who uses Rakim to teach a class mathematics -engineers, astronauts, the finance guy who plays in a swing band on the weekends...all creative, all creatives.

What’s the change you’d like to see in this world?

More understanding and communication; more open dialog about love and race; less concern with trying to be right, and more focus on trying to learn how to love one another