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The start.

I was innocent and ridiculously passionate when I started this website - 7 years ago.

When I tried to find a URL, Bo Lee was and still is taken so I flipped my name (sorta) and then it became leeboxtapes because of music, love of analog and cassette tapes as a play on the mediums we choose to express and capture whatever.

My photography started in music and lawd was it fun.

From Top left to Bottom right - Jcole, 2Chainz, Phonte, Talib Kweli, Casey Benjamin, Robin Thicke

Leeboxtapes — It’s been my portfolio, a sporadic blog, a place to work together, a place to share anything that meant something to me and — hopefully it helped you.

The close.

I’ve evolved from the days of photography, making films, content creating and marketing, etc, etc. Crossing industries, being a voracious learner, taking my L’s, incorporating my health back into everything I do.

Last year, I couldn’t stop talking about making room and making space to grow.

so it’s time to goooo


What’s next?

Well, I’m taking all the things that fuel me lately, things I’m obsessing over, the non negotiables and combining them in new ways on this next transition for what’s to come Fall2019

but for these next 3 months, leeboxtapessss farewell content party