open / close


The start.

I was innocent and ridiculously passionate when I started this website - 7 years ago. this was just an extension, on the ground,

When I tried to find a URL, Bo Lee was and still is taken so I flipped my name (sorta) and then it became leeboxtapes because of music, love of analog and cassette tapes as a play on the mediums we choose to express and capture whatever.

My photography started in music and lawd was it fun.

From Top left to Bottom right - Jcole, 2Chainz, Phonte, Talib Kweli, Casey Benjamin, Robin Thicke

Leeboxtapes — It’s been my portfolio, a sporadic blog, a place to work together, a place to share anything that meant something to me and — hopefully it helped you.

The close.

I’ve evolved plenty - personally, professionally, spiritually — from the days of photography, making films, content creating and marketing, gigs, corporate work, start up chaos.

Crossing industries, being a voracious learner, taking my L’s, incorporating my health back into everything I do.

Last year, I couldn’t stop talking about making room and making space to grow.

so it’s time to goooo


What’s next?

Well, I’m taking all the things that

  • fuel me lately - serving and scaling

  • growing obsession with finances, tech wellness, art of business, and minimal skincare

  • power of audio and in person experiences

and combining them in the next evolution for what’s to come in Fall 2019.

new beginnings, pivots, transition periods - i’m seeing more of this in my process