Photo Inspiration

                                      Photo Inspiration

For the last 3 years, I've gone through 3 Polaroid cameras and hoarded my own personal collection of moments with people and places which is finally coming to a wrap..

The idea came from wanting to have my own custom piece of wall art and something that would take up the entire wall space - from floor to ceiling. As I started looking around for inspiration...this photo to the right said everything.

UPDATE: Once the photos were done is When I really started to think about the physical logistics of it -- the canvas, getting the Glass made (in the works), framing, figuring out how to fit it through doors and entrances -- lol yea wasn't going to fit and i move around every few years so yea, I had to made a few changes.

It's nice to see growth, to see change. To look back and laugh about it. It's humbling to feel gratitude for an experience - good and/or bad - that's captured. And For someone who has a slight memory loss because life comes at you very quickly, this is exactly what I need. And while there are people who i hate looking at, they are still part of the collective piece.