A short series, every Wednesday exploring the tensions where we’re all like, DUH but then we don’t DO.


the tension we find ourselves in between making money and making meaning,

What is project debt and the emotional cost behind it, regulating feelings - yours & others.

You don't know what you don't know, you know?



You know you need it, but you won’t give it to yourself.

because ______ (enter many responses here)

Well that response was your ego talking.

I took over two months off recently, no working, no set schedule really and felt internal shame about it.

I felt a lot of weakness behind it.


Break made me feel less in control, I felt behind. I felt how much I resisted what breaks down my ego.

What this break gave me different from what alll other previous breaks before was

it forced me to get away from “doing” and sat at times thinking about how my busy was a cover up to a larger, life-leveling question of:

“What are you avoiding?”

Someone asked me, “what did you do during all that break?” I said, “nothing really, I mean I did lots of things but um, nothing.” omgoodness that felt weak af. but breaks are not a sign of weakness.

I can hear people say it now, “Must be nice, I couldn’t do that” “I don’t have the time to” old stories.
Money and time are the usual scapegoats of WHY this can't be done in your current schedule right now.
reverse engineer the numbers and know your season.

It’s hard to explain what that space will bring up for you. I’m not saying to drop everything and go live a leisure, unaccountable life. Breaks can have stress fill the space but point is it’s a different space. it is new open space.

I feel like I opened up a window that I can’t close

It’s only after you’ve done it, you get hit with the “perspective overtime moment



Next Weds: carrying PROJECT DEBT

46% more likely to finish a thing when you add fun to it. #reminder #adulting #dailylife