Creative pro \ Communicator \ Photographer

How many rules can you break to build something better?


I’m in the season of scaling - so bend the rules and pattern interrupt
— bo lee

As writer Jeff Goins (The Art of Work) put it,

I live a portfolio life and so do you. Areas we want to improve are all integrated and interconnected. It is like an orchestra.

We are multi-hyphenated

  • Skills can and will cross over into many disciplines, like a modern day renaissance wo/man

  • Are you in an explore stage or settle?

  • The more things you touch/learn/unlearn, the more overlap you create in opportunities

We’re designing Lifes work

and my process is holistic as ever.

Best way to go through this site is to keep scrolling all the way to the bottom then click to the next rabbit hole.

or check in here for this updated weekly, read some creative life manifestos mine and eventually yours (best viewed on desktop) and this is the last year of leeboxtapes

88% of the time I’m:

  • fine tuning wellness (mental health, skincare and sanity regimen, herbal + digital goods)

  • producing + project managing in the design and creative agency world

  • up later than planned, flossing my teeth and listening to a podcast

Are we email linked yet?


We’re in Q3 now.

  • Can we work on something together? make some travel plans?

  • Familiar with the idea of micro dosing? It’s my skin and sanity regimen

  • Media diet — what are we consuming as of late?