what inspires you?

Creativity, being able to thrive in the space I was meant to be in. Is literally the most fulfilling thing in life. Seeing other people get to their goals inspires me as well. It really makes me want to be my best!


What is your attitude and approach to creativity?


My attitude towards creativity is very open; I truly believe that any opportunity to create anything is obviously creativity.

Being that I’m a really creative person, I really do believe that I can learn and do anything.

Not in a braggadocios way, but very boldly and confidently.

That is my approach towards creativity, I approach is confidently knowing that my gift will lead me.


What is the change you'd like to see in this world?

I would love more love, but what I would really love above the love is understanding and patience. People make an honest effort to not understand one another, which is lack of respect and love.

I'd like to see more compassion, whatever it takes to help us grow.