What Inspires You?

I don't think there's anything that doesn't inspire me in some way or form as a creator.

Knowing where what information could be illustrated is always a question, but there's no denying the inspiration that comes from the media, people, places, and objects in my environments on a daily basis.  


What is your attitude and approach to creativity?

Don't overthink it. I like natural creativity.

There's no scale for good work, there's only different markets. I have a natural hunger almost like kids to see something new and I carry that with me when creating music or videos.


What is the change you'd like to see in this world?

I would like the school system to be updated.
Like a full new system.
I would like education to be approached very differently now that the internet exists and other forms of technology are flourishing.

Education could be a lot less time consuming and expensive to receive real knowledge about a centralized subjects that would be applied immediately in the working field.
No one likes these 100 year old school systems that aren't teaching people the stuff they want to learn.