creative, producer, 

communicator, people grower and photographer.


Bo Lee / @leebox

balancing good skin, making money and making meaning  

  1. the whats and the hows of personal wellness integrated for modern success, good business

  2. producing + project managing + rule breaking

  3. photo, film and media has my heart

I want healthier collaborations, invest in better ways to work and treat this journey like the holistic thing that it is. Everything integrated like an orchestra.

evolving as a creative professional since 2010  

• People Grower - clients-focused priorities, strengthen partnerships and internal teams
• Global project manager, digital asset content management
• Visual production / strategy / creative

Consulting and creating with and for artists, leaders, creative agencies,

to simplify, structure their ideas, make process, guide transitions, do the details that matter

Ad agency /marketing / lifestyle / experiential / freelance / online media

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