Communicator / Creative




me in three points:

88% of the time

  1. fine tuning the what and the hows of modern wellness playing into good business

  2. producing + project managing in the design and creative agency world

  3. flossing my teeth and listening to a podcast

Hope we meet and greet (often) in person because face to face is where it’s at. And if we already have, then you know.

production process, visual strategy, consulting  

• People Grower :) clients, partnerships, crew, team builder
• Global project management, Digital asset management
• Visual Creative content + planning [structuring brand experience]

evolving in creative professional world  

Global Project Manager at KATANA STUDIO

Working with businesses and fellow creatives:

Leading project communication, production logistics, biz dev, eating cleaner and simply being human with each other;

creative agency / design / visual / experiential / digital business / freelance

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