Shane Romero
Poet. Brooklyn.
What would it be like to love a perfect stranger?

Meet them first to find out. LOVE IS a perfect stranger

Dating is a project and projects have deadlines

so what if you knew exactly how much time you had left to find what you want? What does knowing the exact Countdown do to your choices?

a snippet from our conversation     (Full version in Fall)

Bo: LOVE IS...

Shane: like Hennessy. It tastes good after the first shot. 

B: Describe Dating in 1 word:

S: A...project


I don't think we're being intentional enough.

We act on everything else but hold back on ???

I'm stripping down this wall I got up, eliminating ego, less procrastinating, process, process.

but back to the story for a brief moment--->


Pick a starting point and we'll go from there *


And of all the places he could walk into, he's at the same album release party that I was at that night.
You think, how serendipitious the way music brings people together. What a coincidence...

But he knew exactly where I would be & that's why he was there. Found that out way later of course.


When it was finally over, I blocked him from every single communication outlet and sent his girl, or whatever she was, a message that she cowardly never opened.

but I kept all the CD mixes he made me. They're really, really good.

a terrible human, a damn good DJ.

to be cont'd.