Creative pro \ Communicator \ Photographer

A creative life manifesto :

answers out quarterly, yearly.

It ‘s like your operating system. whether you consciously recognize it or not. ask yourself these questions and see what bubbles up for you. it points the way


I am a sponge.

I notice everything, the details, the nuance. It’s neat and it’s chaotic. I hope my open mindedness never desensitizes me from the day to day experiences.

To give things real time. There is always love and intent in what I make and who I have the privilege to make it with. I’m a romantic about the process.

Revisiting familiar things when I feel lost and refresh. Something new is often there.

I’ll start with articulating a strong end point (which is sometimes carved through retrospection) and buffer for fluidity moving forward.

I feel good building process into complex projects. Best communication? Listen & ask more.


A sunset.

Your imagination making something into the physical world for others to take in with their senses.

Anything that gets you back into your body and breath

The capacity we all have for change.

Are you going to keep stepping up? it’ll pass you by if you don’t stay in the game.

People who stay in the game are THEE inspos, the muses.

psst. I traveled to a few cities, asked some dope folks these same questions too.


Get further and further away from overly processed foods. It’s making us sick, moody and NOT living our best lives.

I want people to be so invested in their health.

Wellness is a collective effort and I’ll be playing my part.