Youth inspires.

What inspires me most these days is the youth. Over the past few months I've had kids/teens reach out to me from all parts of the globe to praise and thank me for my work

AND to let me know that I inspire them. France, Australia, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Sweden, and the list goes on.

It's crazy to me.


My attitude and approach is very open and optimistic. I'll pull inspiration from any and everything. When I first became a graphic designer I wanted to be better than everyone and I was a competitive uptight asshole.

Over time I gained wisdom and learned that the ability to create differently than other people is OKAY. Creativity is like speaking: You'll say certain words, but it's going to sound different coming from Linda's mouth as it will from Andre's mouth as it will from Oscar's mouth, you know?


I want the world to be more accepting of itself. There's a lot of hate and confusion because of misunderstanding and stubbornness. I want the world to be in love with the world. There are also evil fucks out there but they'll get theirs sooner than later haha.