What Inspires You?

As general and cliche as this might sound, life in general is what inspires me.

Every minute detail, every fleeting emotion, every person I interact with, every experience living life is like a never-ending source of inspiration. Anything that incites reaction in me can be a wealth of inspiration for different kinds of self-expression.


What is your attitude and approach to creativity?

Creativity is crucial in coloring our world.

Creative self-expression is our best answer to whatever life throws at us.
In terms of my approach to creativity, I just make sure that whatever I'm creating or presenting or writing is true to myself and is something I legitimately enjoy and believe in. When you're creating without a sense of self, then it empties the possibility of fulfillment.


What is the change you'd like to see in this world?

Even though we're all being exposed to more knowledge and information, I think the education we take in can be better self-filtered. This just requires more due diligence on everyone's part so that we're all properly informed. We can also all ALWAYS stand to love and empathize even more — can never have too much of either.

Oh and if there can ever be healthy legit fried chicken, they can take all my money.